Subsidies Management and Financial Engineering

VCT assists its clients with acquisition of financial funding from various financing programs and funds. It can be from bilateral or multilateral resources.

When considering doing business with Vietnam, contact us for availability of incentives and grants offered by more than 150 ODA’s (Official Development Assistance) funds and programs. By using our grant management services, you can reduce the risks and the costs, while increasing return on investments.

Based on our recommendation, you can select one or more from the possible funds to make the optimal mix of financing resources for your project.

Some examples:

  • Transition Facility
  • DHK (Demonstration Project, Feasibility Study, Knowlegde Acquisition)
  • ORIO
  • Partners for water
  • Package for Growth
  • FOM

Business case: Wassenburg Medical Devices B.V. and Dobla B.V.

Dobla’s factory (Vung Tau) Wassenburg’s factory (Hung Yen)