VCT is a Dutch independent consultancy company that is proud to promote economic relationships and stimulate cooperation between Vietnam,
The Netherlands and throughout Europe on a broader scale. Think of VCT as your bridge between The Netherlands and Vietnam.


  • EU treaties open new doors


    EU treaties open new doors...>>

  • Art event ‘Southern Soul’ on 10thyear anniversary of VAH


    Art event ‘Southern Soul’ on 10thyear anniversary of VAH...>>

What We Do

What we do

Business and Project Development 

Subsidies Management & Financial Engineering

Sector Development and Technology Transfer

Business Support and Events Management 

Sourcing Services

VCT serves its clients in developing businesses and implementation of their projects in Vietnam. For these projects VCT does acquisition of financial funding or grants from bilateral and multilateral development funds and programs >>

Why Us

Why Us

Trusted since 2000 with more than 250 successful clients, and a combined project value of €1,8 billion, VCT possesses actual understanding of the local social-economic circumstances, cultures and ethical values, which are valuable assets in minimizing time, costs and risks for your business in VIETNAM >>

  • AETIN at OGAV 2016


    AETIN at OGAV 2016...>>


VCT’s clients are not only large companies and organizations such as Evides, Wartsila, Voith, Premier Oil, trade associations and NL Agency, but also family owned businesses like Dobla, Ned-Deck Marine and Wassenburg, which are the showcase of doing business on a sustainable way in ASEAN.