Business and Project Development

Expanding your operations into unfamiliar territories involves risks, especially in emerging markets, where new opportunities as well as obstacles constantly emerge. VCT understands her client’s need and has knowledge of Vietnam. VCT’s extensive network and reliable contacts across the country offer you a wide range of services, assisting you in your business in and with Vietnam. VCT offers valuable assistance from the early stage of your operation helping you to lay the first bricks for the foundation of your activities in Vietnam. VCT’s market research gives you a clear picture, a comprehensive map of the market structure with all the major players identified and listed. VCT brings you insight and enrich your vision, and enable you to reach more informed decisions and better planning.

Vietnam (and the EU) offers extensive opportunities for setting up joint ventures and other forms of cooperation, and VCT can help you find suitable partners, research credit worthiness, arrange meetings and assist you in seeking capital funding.

Business case: Ned-deck Marin B.V.

From the very first idea to strategic advices, from project idea to acquiring of financial support, setting up local production facility, including operational advices and local solutions, Ned-Deck Marine is expanding her business and market share in Vietnam.

Ned-deck Marin Factory