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AETIN at OGAV 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

The International Exhibition of Oil & Gas Equipment & Technologies and Supporting Industries - Oil & Gas Vietnam (OGAV) 2016 was an Oil & Gas event held in the city of Vung Tau from 18-20/10/2016. The Exhibition is the international trade between the oil & gas exploration, production and processing companies and businesses in the supporting industry to provide introduction of cutting-edge developments in the industry. Participating in the exhibition at the Holland Pavilion are representatives from AETIN and six member companies.

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Oil & Gas Vietnam (OGAV) 2016 has attracted the participation of more than 185 enterprises from 25 countries and territories with particular presence of the nation pavilions from the Netherlands, Romania and Singapore. Besides, the event once again attracted a lot of local and international companies from Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Iran, India and USA, etc. The advanced equipment and technologies on display at the exhibition will contribute to meet the strict requirements of technology solutions for oil & gas enterprises active in Vietnam, aiming at improving the efficiency of the exploration and production of oil and gas. AETIN Dutch pavilion has attracted the interest of the visitors and the exhibitors by the impressive design.


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Along with the exhibition of machinery and technologies, OGAV 2016 also hold specialized Conference Programs on Oil & Gas, with the participation of experts from AETIN, Honeywell, Center for Applications of Nuclear Technique in Industry (CANTI), Vietnam Institute for Development Strategy (VIDS) – Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, etc. The conference is the place to meet and exchange among experts, government authorities, entrepreneurs and enterprises active in the oil and gas sector from many countries around the world

With the topic ‘Dutch Advanced Oil and Gas Technology’, the seminar by CB&I and AETIN has received a lot of participants to come and to discuss.

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DSC 7436

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Besides exhibition and seminar activities to introduce the products, technologies and solutions of AETIN members, Holland Pavilion has also impressed the visitors by the Networking Drink event which was held in an intimate atmosphere for the exchange of businesses.

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