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Creative Industry brings in the wealth to its country

On the April, 22nd, 2013, the seminar titled „Seminar to find out the creative industry of Hanoi" was held by the Commercial and Industrial Department of Hanoi, the British Council and Le Bros Jsc. This is the 1st step to connect the related organizers and departments in oder to carry out the strategy of developing the creative industry in Vietnam.

In the speech at the seminar, Mr.Tom Flemming, the expert on creative industry from England focused on the high valued result on economy that this creative industry can bring to us. „Thanks to the creative industry, our products get more and more high valued", Tom said. Creative industry can bring in the wealth to every country which knows how to develope and hold it in esteem. In Great Brittain, for example, the creative industry takes 10% in GDP p.a.

Specially in the textile and garment industry, even more in fashion designing, the creation always bring in the so much high value for the products. To make a comparison between one kind of product such as shirt: the price of the new creative designed shirt can be 10 times more expensive than the normal shirt.

Hanoi will be one creative industry capital if the relalted departments and organizers can cooperate with each other to carry out the strategy of development for it. To accompany with this strategy, Hanoi will be more dynamic and wealthier capital.